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The unique SHOCK documentary !!!!(English version-Dubbed)
Everything you will see in this 2nd documentary is not Fiction and happened to me in totality. Witnesses over several decades and scientific evidence are here to support the reality of the events fully experienced. It took me 40 years to dare to present the evidence I had...the time has come to reveal it to the world... Some of the situations related could shock an uninformed public. This documentary is the result of my extraterrestrial experiences since my birth, my childhood until today.
After this unique documentary in the world, I will have no more proof to present about my life to anyone, the loop is closed...

Sequel to the 1st documentary (REVELATIONS OF A STARSEED, it is recommended to have seen the 1st one to understand what is going to follow, moreover watch the 15 free capsules on my Youtube channel Alien Connection in order to make the links with my unique story in the world), this documentary goes even further, on my implication with my extraterrestrial contacts and my experiences with various Secret Extraterrestrial Space Programs in France and elsewhere, Human/Alien Alliances and Space Force, missions beyond our universe, time travel, teleportation, exchange of Technologies.

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